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Professional Translation and Proofreading Services


Professional and high quality translations into Spanish and Catalan across a variety of fields, with a focus in communicating your message clearly and effectively to your intended audience.


Checking for misspellings, typographical errors, punctuation mistakes and also proofreading translations in order to ensure that they do not contain errors of meaning.


Transcription of audio and video materials in Spanish and Catalan, including transcription of interviews, lectures, seminars, meetings and podcasts.

Language Combinations


My focus is largely on the language combinations below, although translations from and into other languages can be provided on request.

  • English English   Spanish  Spanish
  • English English   Catalan  Catalan
  • German German   Spanish  Spanish
  • German German   Catalan  Catalan
  • Portuguese Portuguese   Spanish  Spanish
  • Portuguese Portuguese   Catalan  Catalan
  • Spanish Spanish   Catalan  Catalan
  • Catalan Catalan   Spanish  Spanish


I am a professional translator and proofreader with over 10 years’ experience in the translation industry and an in-depth knowledge of both the Spanish and British cultures.

Through Icaria Translations I provide a reliable and accurate service and take pride in my ability to deliver high quality translations that read like originals.

I am a native speaker of Spanish and Catalan and hold a BA in Translation and Interpretation and a BA in English Studies from the Universitat Autònoma (UAB), Spain.

As a professional member of the ASETRAD, I observe their code of conduct which sets out strict standards of quality and confidentiality for professional translators.


Legal and Government - Contracts, immigration documents, court orders, NDPB reports, terms and conditions, birth and marriage certificates.

Marketing - PR campaigns, promotional materials, newsletters, press releases, product leaflets, information brochures.

Tourism - Tourist guides, menus, travel industry materials, historical references, tourism authority websites, brochures.

Business - Corporate communications, human resources documentation, company profiles, employee handbooks, annual reports.

Betting and Casino Games - Promotional materials, game instructions, customer communications, newsletters, help information.

Information Technology - Software localization, website content, mobile applications, e-learning modules.


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Vemma Europe

Vemma Europe

Energy Drinks Company  

Timely, top notch, polite service, excellent communication skills, simply a pleasure to work with.


Szymon Neubauer-Vasquez

Project Manager - LocAtHeart

Smart, reliable with incredible attention to detail. She has never missed a deadline and we have been working together for over a year now. I highly recommend Eva.

ACRC - University of Sheffield

Laura Smith

Operations Manager ACRC - University of Sheffield

If you want a job doing properly she is your go to person! Quick to deliver with attention to detail, I would fully recommend her translation service.


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Crown Prosecution Service
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Hopscotch Europe
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Vemma Europe
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